Employee Training For Enhanced Performance


Employee Training is as important as your organization to keep them aware of the latest news and regulations, having them engaged and committed to work, help them focus on the organizational goals as well as personal goals. It is not as simple as training them to do their day-to-day tasks, rather it involves a lot of processes which are done by HRs of the organization or the HR consultants. In this article, we will explain all the processes pertaining to employee training, starting with content development.

Outbound Training

Outbound training uses Experiential Learning Activities and Adult Learning Principles through games to enhance employee performance, team behavior and organizational performance.

Employees when grouped together and subjected to outdoor and wilderness expedition, learn practically about teamwork, problem-solving, decision making and tackling challenging scenarios. This gives the ability for teams in the organization to grow, adapt and succeed in real-time work challenges.

For many corporate employees, outbound training tends to be the most preferred training where they will be able to experience, learn, reflect and improve their learning and performance that is desired to enhance both personal and professional life.

With a structured experiential learning cycle, the participants go through the following as cycle: –

    1. Concrete experience
    2. Reflective Observation
    3. Abstract Conceptualisation
    4. Active Experimentation

This helps the participants undergoing outbound training to have an experience, reflect on the experience, learning from the experiment and trying out what they have learned. With this approach, employees will be better equipped to make decisions in challenging scenarios.

Executive Coaching

When an organization wants to develop its talent, subjecting their employees to executive coaching is pretty common. But it is important to know why Executive Coaching is important and why you need to choose us for such services.

When employees undergo executive coaching, they get to see themselves more clearly. Actual self-awareness in leaders is correlated with organizational effectiveness and profitability. With our effective executive coaching, the employee would be able to see himself/herself clearly without assumptions, get curious about their competencies and areas of improvement. This gives an opportunity to see themselves with fair witness eyes.

Not only does the employee sees himself/herself clearly, but the employee would also be able to see others, their views, abilities and future potential. This helps them to recognize and reward good employees he/she overlooked previously, thereby, not losing them.

Executive Coaching teaches the employees to respond to the same problem in new ways. Our methodology is so customized that an employee who underwent executive coaching with us will perceive and solve business problems in innovative ways.

Given a 360 degree feedback approach, it helps the employee to assess his/her capabilities and establish developmental goals. The result of which, helps in behavioral changes for the good, linking them to business results.

Leadership Training

A leader is the driving force for his/her team. When employees in leadership roles are trained with customized leadership techniques, it helps the employee to learn new leadership techniques as well as refine their old skills to run the team with assertive communication and profound motivation methods.

From new employees in a leadership role to experienced managers, Leadership Training has become necessary in order to be on top of their game as leaders have the ability to push their teams to their full potential if properly trained.

A good leadership training program requires analysis of the competencies of the employee to identify which are the ones to be honed. Successful leaders who have taken training from us have been better role models, made an impact in their teams’ performance, had better ideas about the vision of the company and were able to strategize accordingly.

After undergoing leadership training, an employee in a leadership role should be able to effortlessly lift the morale of his team members and train them to become future leaders. Career Tree makes this possible through our train the trainer approach.

Campus to Corporate Program

To help students transition smoothly into corporate life, there are various consultants who provide campus to corporate training programs for students. Campus to corporate program enhances the students to become efficient through learning the fundamentals of corporate communication, time management and the behavioral shift which is required when students move from college to corporate.

There are undiscovered social norms and unspoken nuances which new graduates joining the corporate world are unaware of. Unfortunately, this becomes a stumbling block for organizations and colleges. To alleviate this situation, we have developed a campus to corporate training program for college students.

It is important to be aware of all the nuances in the corporate environment and shortcomings of the new employees who were straight out of college. This comes through experience and constant interaction with students and corporate leaders. Thus, we have designed this program for the millennials and centennials

Campus to corporate program helps the students to build confidence, bring positive change and develop self-esteem which is expected by any organization to function effectively. This is being done by conveying the expectation of corporates by giving them specific practical inputs.

Content Development

Most forward-thinking organizations have HR teams/consultants to help them retain employees and attract new ones through meaningful content strategy.

Effective content helps the companies to help onboarding their new employees and also in motivating and retaining the existing employees.  If an organization is big, having well-developed content helps the organization to educate their employees about what the company is up to, learn about new policies and the latest news pertaining to the organization’s industry.

Content modules targeting technical, behavioral, Quality Management System, Health, Safety and Environment of the organization needs to be created in a manner that employees of any vertical and level can understand.

An outstanding content involves Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation in order to build a flexible and dynamic guideline for building robust training and performance support tools. Many organizations have e-learning platforms and video-based learning for which customized content needs to be developed for better user experience and understanding.

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