HR Technology Outsourcing- An Overview


Human Resource Technology or HR Technology is the uber tool used by the most successful organizations to automate the human resource functions in their organization. There are several ways to leverage technology to your organization’s advantage. In this article, we will see some of the important technology solutions used by organizations in automating various HR operations.

Online Assessment and Surveys

If you have to assess skills and learnings of your new or existing employees, it is a no-brainer that your organization will be using assessments and surveys to test them. Gone are the days where your human resource department is tied up all day evaluating the filled assessment sheets. Manual assessment not only gives room for human error but also consumes a lot of time, which could be used for something else of greater importance.

Most organizations and institutions now prefer online assessment and surveys over manual assessment. Online assessment tools give your business the ability to customize according to your needs and set parameters for evaluation.

For frontline workers, online assessment might seem difficult as most of the online assessment tools have English as the standard language and don’t offer much options. It is important for an organization investing in HR tools to be inclusive of people from all social strata, languages and ethnicity. Hence, online assessment tools should provide vernacular language switches for the ease of use of the respondents.

All these online data need to be protected from third party access so that your present and future employee data remains with your organization. If you have an online assessment tool but if your employees need to save every time to prevent their answers from getting vanished, then you have outdated technology. An up-to-date online assessment tool should be having an autosave option where it saves as soon as the values are entered.

Most importantly, online assessment tools give you reports instantly on a single click. They also offer customized report formats in an instant.

Human Resource Management Systems

In the 21st century, it is not uncommon to see organizations using Human Resource Management Systems. Most organizations use them to manage their workforce using HRMS. A human resource software which carefully integrates a number of processes and systems to ensure smooth process flow, better management of human resources and business processes.

In order to have better flow and access to information, a brilliant human resource management system is necessary. This is to prevent HRs of your organization from wearisome paperwork.

In the age of data, things run faster in the workplace when your Human Resource data is managed by HR software. Since the employee data is the most sensitive data in the workplace apart from financial due diligence data, it is of vital importance that organizations have Human Resource Management Systems. They break constraints such as time and space, make the data collection, analysis and tabulation easier and convenient.

Traditionally, creating reports from data had been a tasking job for the HRs of organizations where the data keeps changing. With HRM systems in place, detailed reports can be generated with dynamic data. HR software allows you to change the report format as per your requirement.

A robust human resource management system brings your organization multiple benefits including organizational effectiveness by streamlining human resource processes, strengthening relationships and giving insights on employee skills, knowledge and performance.

The three important elements in effective human resource management are overall productivity, employee performance and satisfaction. Human Resource Management System facilitates these by helping recruiters to recruit effectively, manage payroll, monitor performance and training of the employees.

Hiring Management Solutions

Having a centralized platform for recruiting employees of all levels such as Executive, middle level and frontline workers is a boon many organizations don’t possess. A good hiring management solution empowers the HRs of your organization by having the applicants engaged and connected throughout their recruitment and onboarding process.

Hiring Management Solution acts as a single-step process for applicants seeking job and also helps in reducing routine tasks for the personnel management team, helping them to focus on other important tasks.

Manpower planning is a serious task which includes extensive data to be assimilated and filtered to find the right candidate. This involves a lot of processes followed by employee onboarding to perform a complete hiring cycle. To have a seamless transition from manpower planning to onboarding, a hiring management solution is necessary for an organization.

With all the data on candidate hiring, applicant statuses and reports in one place, it is easier for HRs to coordinate with their recruiting managers for an effective hiring process when they use Hiring Management Solution.

Frontline Workforce Job portal

Organizations that have access to a centralized job portal for recruiting frontline workers perform effective hiring as the young generations are tech-savvy. Since most of the generation Y and Z job seekers are digital natives, it is essential to recruit through a job portal.

A job portal for frontline workers gives you the ability to reach a variety of potential employees and connecting the employees to employers seamlessly providing fair practices in hiring.

Several institutes providing training to future frontline workforce need a bridge to connect them to industries. A job portal acts as the bridge helping both the institutes and industries, thereby, creating a positive relationship between them for future requirements.