Competency Management

  • End -to- end support – design, assessment and development phases
  • Industry / domain expertise to develop competency maps and assess employees
  • Selective support as per customers choice – mapping, dictionary development, tool designing, assessment,
    handholding, and integration with other HR processes
  • Support to develop internal champions – assessors and facilitators
  • Integrated model – Fundamental, Leadership and Functional Competencies
  • Usage of ADC and 360 degree feedback methodology in assessment
  • Technology support for maintaining competency maps, assessment report and dashboard creation

Performance Management

  • End-to-end support- visioning, goal setting, performance review, and performance appraisal
  • Flexible models – balanced scorecard, policy deployment / x-matrix or MBO / KRA methodology
  • Expertise in rolling out 360 degree feedback approach in appraisal stage
  • Training line-managers on appraisal and feedback process
  • Support in extracting training needs from the performance appraisal feedback
  • Technology support for data management and online appraisal

Organization Health Survey

  • End-to-end support – study, design, administration, report generation, co-creating action plan
  • Assured confidentiality and objectivity in administration
  • Multiple report generations – business, location, dept., team-wise
  • Handholding support in improving org. health index
  • Technology support for online feedback gathering

Self Managed Teams

  • Building VAP based agile teams towards customer-centric organization
  • Providing autonomy for better employee empowerment and engagement
  • Building lean structure for a highly responsive organization
  • Creating multi-skilled workforce to bring flexibility in workforce utilization
  • Encouraging career progression through competency demonstration
  • Emphasis on values & principles to encourage role-model behaviours
  • Integrating the principles of situational leadership in frontline roles to build leadership capability
  • Transforming the traditional supervisory roles to coaching roles
  • Emphasis on continuous education to create learning organization

HRD Audit

  • Customized to the business and industry need
  • Process-wise (HR, ER, Administration) detailed audit check points
  • Evidence based audit – authentic, data based, indicates compliance and gaps
  • Multi-rater scale – checks the level of existence and effectiveness
  • Comprehensive reports qualitative and graphical / data based reports
  • Fixes process owners and corrective measures
  • Enables to draw-out HR Excellence roadmap
  • Simple, practical and self-administered audit tool

HR Process Outsourcing

  • Handholding in complete HR process lifecycle – from Organization structuring to Culture building
  • Dedicated consultants to interact and work with employees and leadership team
  • Project Management approach in institutionalizing HR processes
  • Choice in expert support – advisory, audit & training, handholding in implementation
  • Enables organization to embrace industry best practices in HR
  • Increases employee engagement, retention, productivity and employer brand
  • Transforming HR Function to become business partners

Learn & Earn

  • Building skills at entry level (customized)
  • Partnership with reputed institutes for skill building & certification
  • Recognized by AICTE to enhance employability
  • Livelihood opportunity for aspiring students
  • Enhances workplace harmony and learning opportunity
  • Mutually beneficial association for all stakeholders
  • Creates platform for building high performance work culture
  • Support in behavioural skills training and culture building