International Recruitment: Rising to the Challenge

Brownfield Airport in Philippines

In 2014, a Consortium was formed between India’s well-known Infrastructure Group and Philippines’s leading Construction Corporation for building a new Terminal in Philippines. During this transition, the Indian partner was handed with the task of recruiting the talent from both India and Philippines for this terminal construction project.

It was a mandate to hire Filipino employees as per the MoU. Since the geography was new to them and the positions listed for hiring involved people with niche skills it became a challenge. Meanwhile taking Indian candidates to Philippines for the Niche positions turned out to be an unviable option due to the employment terms and Philippines as a work location.

The recruitment process was entirely different in both these countries and the HR teams on both sides had to spend hours to bring a uniform / standardization in process. With the expertise in recruitment domain and CareerTree team’s past experience with Indian counterpart for so many years, we could identify exactly what the client needed at this stage.

The knowledge transfer on JDs and other details to us was smooth enough and less time consuming. On the other end, we could convince candidates in relocating to Philippines from India, because we already had a good network of candidates in infrastructure/Airport industry with whom we were interacting with for quite some time and they were aware that no one else places in Airport industry better.

This confidence made things easy to convince the candidates to move to Philippines from India. Meanwhile, the existing network on Linkedin with International candidates helped to get connected with more Filipinos from the same industry, later our experts have done a good job in digging the best talent through references.

Client was quiet happy that instead of 2 SPOCs from 2 different regions, they could finalize with 1 for both the locations; with a familiar consultant. This gave them confidence and made the communication easier. As a result of the same, we were able to place the suitable candidates as per the agreed timelines – enabling them to start and continue their project activities as per the plan.

The client was also happy with the fact that they could hire quality talent at a competitive cost as compared to the charges the global consultants may have imposed.