Leadership Hiring

  • Assured confidentiality, time-bound hiring approach, most fitting CVs
  • Headhunting as the primary mode of spotting potential candidates
  • Detailed candidate report with Subject Matter Expert’s independent assessment )
  • Dedicated and experienced recruiters team for leadership hiring
  • Support in preparation of job descriptions
  • Expertise in catering to the most niche positions
  • Network and capability to support expatriate hiring
  • Advisory support in packaging of the offer
  • Retainership model of engagement for speedy and cost-effective service support

Executive Search

  • Over 5,00,000 CVs database
  • Savvy in hiring through headhunting and professional networks
  • Industry wise specialist recruiters
  • Experienced recruiters as Key Account Managers
  • Customized candidate snapshot for quick screening
  • Free psychometric test administration
  • Competitive lead time & short-listing ratio
  • Live status tracker – indigenous hiring management software
  • Weekly dashboard communication
  • Elaborate candidate assessment report
  • Monthly face-to-face interface for feedback & course correction

Frontline Hiring

  • Over 60,000 placements across 15 states
  • Unique selection process — for union-less environment
  • Extensive network with govt. and educational institutions
  • Indigenous job portal —Jobsfactory.in
  • Tie-up with institutes for campus hiring
  • Participating / anchoring the job fairs
  • Customized assessment tools
  • Proven record across industries and qualifications
  • Objective, transparent and inclusive selection process
  • Online assessment and instantaneous reports

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Concept of extended HR – a strong collaboration approach
  • Ownership towards complete recruitment value chain (clearly defined RASCI)
  • Deployment of dedicated recruiters on site / office
  • Fixed and success fee model – to ensure win-win partnership
  • Complete database management & MIS preparation
  • Compensation benchmarking with similar players
  • Offer working based on established policy
  • Anchoring assessment test and reference check
  • Follow – through until sucessful on-boarding

Temporary Staffing

  • well backed-up by experienced recruitment and expert legal teams
  • Dedicated key account managers – extended HR role
  • Customized selection process support
  • Elaborate induction as part of the on-boarding process
  • Dedicated compliance support with timely MIS reports
  • Automated payroll system ensuring timely & error free payroll process
  • Reimbursement management as an extended support
  • Automated CRM to monitor account manager’s activity with the client & employees
  • Quarterly review of account managers based on client feedback

Payroll Management

  • Processing through reliable payroll software
  • Dedicated expert teams across locations
  • Extension of on-site support option
  • Complete data security and confidentiality
  • Need based data-archiving support
  • Helpline and helpdesk for query clearance
  • Mutually agreed SLA and MIS based reviews
  • Knowledge support on “what’s new in the market” (w.r.t. compensation frameworks)
  • Knowledge support on statutory amendments (w.r.t salary & benefits)

Compliance Management

  • Legal experts as part of our team
  • End to end support (i.e. audit to adherence
  • Forthrightness and solution orientation
  • Detailed and inclusive approach
  • Experts in due-diligence and reorganization
  • RASCI based accountability and MIS based reviews
  • Compliance policy for outsourcing partners / contractors
  • Recommending best practices (contextual)
  • Market survey of similar players / operations w.r.t compliance

Employee Assessment

  • Designed for assessment at all levels
  • Knowledge support to define assessment framework
  • Integrating competencies & values in assessment
  • Customized solutions, tools and templates
  • Exclusive tool development – it becomes your IPR
  • End to end support – training, handholding & implementation
  • Option of customized reports to facilitate decisions
  • Used for multiple purposes – incl. selection, development & career movement
  • Availability of online platform & administration across locations in the world