Leadership Hiring

  • Assured confidentiality, time-bound hiring approach, most fitting CVs
  • Headhunting as the primary mode of spotting potential candidates
  • Detailed candidate report with Subject Matter Expert’s independent assessment
  • Dedicated and experienced recruiters team for leadership hiring
  • Support in preparation of job descriptions
  • Expertise in catering to the most niche positions
  • Network and capability to support expatriate hiring
  • Advisory support in packaging of the offer
  • Retainership model of engagement for speedy and cost-effective service support

Executive Search

  • Over 5,00,000 CVs database
  • Savvy in hiring through headhunting and professional networks
  • Industry wise specialist recruiters
  • Experienced recruiters as Key Account Managers
  • Customized candidate snapshot for quick screening
  • Free psychometric test administration
  • Competitive lead time & short-listing ratio
  • Live status tracker – indigenous hiring management software
  • Weekly dashboard communication
  • Elaborate candidate assessment report
  • Monthly face-to-face interface for feedback & course correction

Frontline Hiring

  • Reaching out to the young India (cutting across the strata)
  • Enlightening the young India on the opportunities in organized sectors
  • Furthering the technology revolution in hiring at the grassroots / frontline positions
  • Connecting the deserving candidates and fair-practice employers
  • Acting as an interface between the industries and institutes
  • Giving back to the community a part of the profit – in the form of educational scholarship

Online Assessments & Surveys

  • Platform for all online assessments and surveys
  • Most suited for all hiring assessments (incl. campus selection)
  • Complete customization of question & response types
  • Vernacular language options for the convenience of respondents
  • Server and coding level data protection security
  • Auto save formats to protect recorded data from any untoward incident
  • Easy to use navigation (even the grassroots employees can self administer)
  • Clients can design and upload their own assessment or survey questionnaire
  • Multiple report options, downloadable for quick presentations and decision making