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Temporary Staffing

With the increasing dynamic nature of business environment organizations are looking to keep their resources flexible – manpower is no exception.

When it comes to managing Temporary Staff, companies are find it comfortable to work with professional experts to manage and fulfill the aspirations of the temporary staff, and the stakeholders associated with this ecosystem.

Given the large workforce strength that organizations deploy in various functions like supply chain, sales, production, delivery etc – working through the temp staffing is becoming a need everywhere, and it helps them to achieve, apart from flexibility, two critical aspects of human resource management, i.e (1) it helps the employer to stay connected to their staff and address all their queries immediately and fulfill the needs, even if they are in a remotest location (2) it helps the organization to ensure absolute compliance to statutory and policies, and maintain all records intact.

CareerTree over the years has been able to build a perfect service model addressing all the essential elements of temp staffing i.e. market scanning to map the potential candidates, timely sourcing, induction support, speedy response to queries, backend payroll support, legal team to ensure statutory compliance, designing of policy / process document for smooth functioning, HR team to continuously interact with the temp staff and respond to their need – that makes CareerTree the preferred partner in this domain.

A unique offering of CareerTree in this domain is that it deploys a dedicated team / resources at the client’s place across regions to manage / interface with a sizable number of temp staff. With SPOCs identified and their roles clearly defined this approach provides a great comfort to the organizations. With dedicated support team for sourcing and technology introduction, CareerTree has been consistent in achieving the lead time standards – be it sourcing, responding to queries, MIS exchange, documentation, compliances etc.

CareerTree strongly believes in being efficient and ethical in all its transactions / practices – and not really focused on the mindless number game. Each client of us is our valued customer – independent of the temp staff size that we manage.