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Frontline Recruitment

With the boom in economy and many Greenfield projects getting rolled-out at short spans Mass scale hiring is no more a rare phenomenon in any sector.

Hiring mass numbers and putting them to work is an absolute challenge these days – given the shortage of ready-market talent and industries rushing to stabilize the new business / entity at the shortest gestation time possible. With industries cross hiring and looking for low cost manpower options – the opportunities for potential candidates are wide-open irrespective of the qualification levels.

At entry level the factors that seem to influence the potential candidates are take-home salary, company brand image, comfort in job, benefits and facilities etc. Career opportunity, learning environment etc seems to make meaning to them only at a later stage of their career thus forcing the employers to offer attractive yet not a long-term viable offer. No industry is an exception to this be it IT, Pharma, Infrastructure, Retail or Manufacturing all face the same heat.

CareerTree has mastered the art of Frontline recruitment at various levels and has helped companies hire more than 50000+ employees in the last 11 years from more than 15 states in the country. CareerTree’s ability to network with educational institutes, employment forums, rural NGO partners, government bodies has been the cutting-edge to their quality and timely delivery.  The field staff at CareerTree, speak multiple languages, well-versed with the topography and the cultural sensitivities of various regions in India, quick to network with various channel partners, holds strong expertise in scanning the market to assess the available potential candidates and also formulate / suggest strategies to hire the needed talent.

The clients of CareerTree have so far seen a tremendous value by using its assessment tools. Psycho-diagnostic test, psychometric test, aptitude test, neuro-muscular test, group discussion, group simulation test, peer interviews and physical fitness test are the few to highlight. CareerTree also possesses a strong expertise in designing customized assessment tools to suit the nature of work / job for which the recruitment is done.

Clients who work with us usually spend more time in the initial planning and at the final interview stage. The rest of the milestones in-between are carefully handled by the CareerTree team and the stringent selection process brings out only the best to the final interview stage. CareerTree also takes the responsibility to anchor the medical test and antecedent verification process on need basis. In nutshell, it is a perfect partnering model for hiring the most suited talent mix without having to experiment too much.