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Employee Assessment

The increasing employee turnout % and the rising employee cost have forced organizations to be as much meticulous as possible in their selection of new employees into the organization.

Some companies have resorted to the approach of legal bond, some have opted for temporary staffing model, and most have gone for pay for performance and elaborate employee engagement model to retain talent – despite all these frameworks employers do not want to leave any doubt during the selection stage on the performance potential and stability of the candidate in the new job – thus making the assessment process imperative at the selection stage.

Today, even at a very senior level selection, assessment tools are being used – in the form of behavioral event interview and psychometric testing. Middle level managers / executives are put through a lot of leadership tests and psychometric test. Bulk of the assessment happen at the junior level for a simple reason that 80% of company’s population rests in this level, and it is important to put necessary filters at the selection stage to find the most suitable ones from the available talent pool.

CareerTree over the years of its presence has done extensive research on various assessment tools used by companies across the globe and has also designed many assessment tools on its own with the knowledge support of academic researchers (IITs, B-Schools) and practicing managers. The assessment tools have been designed taking into consideration the nature of job and industry challenges in assessing candidate’s skills / knowledge / attitude. The wide variety of tools from CareerTree library could be used for grassroots selection to senior level hiring.

CareerTree also has the capability to run assessment centers at the time of selection or for the purpose of development. CareerTree does customization of assessment tools as well on need basis. The bandwidth to administer the tests across locations using its online platform or through paper/pen model makes CareerTree the preferred choice for most organizations.