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Performance Management

The necessity to define performance bell curve and redefine performance benchmarks every year has pushed organizations to establish a robust performance management system (PMS) that suits their business context.

From seeing performance management as an annual ritual to putting it for serious use in day-to-day work-life to impact employee performance Indian organizations have come a long way in the last two-decades. However, organizations with sustained discipline in practicing the principles of performance management alone are able to reach the matured state in PMS process. CareerTree helps organizations to find their “as-is” state and facilitate in moving to the matured state as defined in the below model.

Though PMS is considered one of the core and simple HR processes, the challenge lies in defining it in the most practical way that makes every stakeholder to participate and accept. Without following the 4-stages of PMS cycle any organization is sure to see certain shortcomings in deriving the benefits of the system. The 4-stages include (1) Performance Planning, (2) Coaching, (3) Performance Review, and (4) Performance Appraisal linked to Reward and Recognition.

PMS is also like a double-edged sword – companies embarking on it without having proper stated objectives, process-steps, and defined accountability are more likely to get into trouble and lose good talent. CareerTree team has expert facilitators who help organizations achieve the following macro objectives


a)    Communicate business objectives and cascade them to all employees.

b)    Prompt employees to take ownership for their performance.

c)    Create shared responsibility for active involvement in learning & development.

d)    Promote a culture of excellence by rewarding & recognizing performers.

CareerTree has been facilitating organizations in institutionalization of PMS with the frameworks that suits them the most (1) Balanced Score Card, (2) Policy Deployment / X Matrix, and (3) MBO / KRA. The handholding in-fact starts with the Visioning exercise if that’s found to be the gap in arriving at organization goals.

CareerTree team also works on various policies related to “Pay for Performance” and “Performance Incentive” which are sometimes group and sometimes individual performance based depending on the business context and nature of work – linking it to their overall compensation policy and structure.