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Competency Mapping & Assessment

With companies aspiring to go global and benchmark with the best “Competency based HR Management” has taken a centre stage in the last two-decades.

Life-time employment may have become a forgone concept among Indian organizations with generation X&Y taking prominent positions in running the business houses – but the industry’s lack of preparedness to deal with and address the aspirations of the new-era workforce is resulting in shrinking average employee lifetime in any organization.

Competency based HR Management is not the direct solution to addressing employee retention but it certainly enhances the enablers to retention i.e. the level of learning, engagement and recognition of employees in an organization. It encourages performers and pushes the performance benchmark up for others to follow. Competency based HR Management helps in introducing scientific and systematic approach to hiring, training needs identification, spotting HIPOs, employee career progression, identifying successors etc to list a few.

CareerTree’s integrated Competency Model

CareerTree’s Competency model is holistic and broadly classified under three clusters (1) Fundamental Competencies (2) Non-Technical / Leadership or Behavioural Competencies, and (3) Functional or Technical Competencies. CareerTree helps organizations by drawing out the customized competency model and implementation plan. The handholding is provided from organization structuring and right up-to IDP creation and successor identification for all critical positions.

CareerTree has expert facilitators (job analysis, behavioral event interview etc) and domain experts (dictionary and assessment support) who carry-out the entire mapping, assessment and development process. In the assessment stage, all the 3-approaches viz. 1) Assessment Development Centre, 2) 360 Degree Feedback, and 3) Psychometric profiling are followed depending on what is most suited for the need and context.


In order to have a sustainable approach towards Competency based HR Management CareerTree helps organizations by creating internal competency champions and subject matter experts while handholding in implementation. The three-day practical-oriented Competency Certification workshop is conducted both as public workshop (in collaboration with FICCI) as well as exclusive in-house program for corporates.